What information should we know before purchasing a testing equipment?


1. What criteria do you need to determine for a test sample?

For example, China's current testing standards (national standard GB, Ministry standard JB, line standard HB), and international standard ISO or American standard ASMI and so on.

2. Determine what method to use for testing?

a) lossy (chemical analysis, physical test.

b) Non-destructive (detection method without damage to the tested object, detection accuracy is relatively low; detection speed is fast): ray, sound wave, electromagnetic, infiltration, mirror phase.

3. Sensor selection

Sensor: Converts the amount to be detected into a part that we can display, calculate or can input to other machines. The accuracy of the detection depends mainly on it.

4. Detection accuracy and scope of application?

By testing the maximum and minimum detection of the sample, combined with the first, second, and third three. Choose the closest sensor accuracy and range value, which is higher at a higher general price.

5. Test equipment performance price ratio?

The equipment features many new technologies and the price is high. (Performance/price) The results obtained are judged and the value is high. The electronic product update cycle is short, and it is not advisable to purchase a very new soft technology (soft technology: operation interface, good senses, and constant accuracy).

6. Testing product after-sales service?

For life-testing equipment and instruments, pay great attention to the promise of repair and renewal.

7. Testing the wearing parts of the equipment

Radiation generating devices, electronic vacuum devices, mechanical wear parts, mirror natural corrosion

8. Detecting the user base of the device?

If there are many users of the equipment supplier, their test equipment is relatively stable, and the user's accessories are also convenient to repair.

9. Important links

The test equipment dealers should be reliable, and most of the test instruments belong to the fatigue test motion mechanism. The stability of the materials and internal structure determines the service life of the instrument. Many dealers do not perform very well in quality, and the key force positions are adopted. The material is made of thin sheet metal, which makes the deformation of the testing equipment after a long time of use seriously affects the accuracy of the instrument measurement and can not continue to measure, but the price is their advantage at the beginning, because they are cheap. So remind me to buy a preliminary understanding of this aspect before buying, to avoid such a thing. Please also pay attention to the problem of clear after-sales at the time of purchase. There are many testing equipment companies, the price of the equipment sold is the lowest, but after the problem, they will never guarantee, because they will unconsciously cancel the contract when they sign the contract. Drop this link.

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