Test chamber in stock of Huanrui Company


There are constant temperature and humidity test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, high and low alternating temperature test chamber, battery explosion-proof test cabinet, and rapid temperature change test cabinet in the production workshop of Huanrui Company. These test chambers can do the following tests:

  • Alternating damp heat test: The high and low temperature alternating damp heat test is an essential test item in the fields of aviation, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc. It is used to test and determine the electrical, electronic and other products and materials for high temperature, low temperature, alternating damp heat or Parameters and performance after constant temperature environment changes

  • Temperature shock test: This test is to determine the adaptability of the product for storage, transportation and use in a climate with a sharp temperature change. The severity of the test depends on the high/low temperature, residence time, and number of cycles.

  • Rapid temperature change test: This test is used to determine the adaptability of the product to storage, transportation, and use in high-temperature, low-temperature rapid, or slowly changing climate environments. The test process is based on normal temperature, low temperature, low temperature, high temperature, high temperature and normal temperature as a cycle. The severity of the temperature cycle test is determined by the high/low temperature range, the residence time and the number of cycles.

  • High temperature test is used to determine the product's adaptability to storage, transportation, and use under high temperature climate environment conditions. The severity of the test depends on the high temperature and the duration of exposure.

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