What should we do when the high low temperature test chamber needs to be stopped for a long time


When the high and low temperature test chamber needs to be out of operation for a long time in the holidays, it is necessary to make preparations before stopping operation.

 What to pay attention to before long-term suspension?

1. Unplug the power plug of the high and low temperature test chamber and keep it properly.

2. After taking out the test samples in the high and low temperature test box, clean the stains in the box.

3. Put the manual, certificate and other materials into the sealed bag to avoid moisture.

4. Wipe the sealing strip of the high and low temperature test box with a cloth, coat it with talc powder for maintenance or put a thin paper on the contact area between the door seal and the box to avoid long-term closure and door frame sticking.

5. Turn the thermostat button to the closed state, so that the thermostat spring is in a relaxed state, open the test box, and let the inside of the box dry for 1-2 days. It is forbidden to cover the test box with a plastic cover and store it. In addition, during storage, it is forbidden to place heavy objects on the box to prevent deformation or tilting.

For equipment that has not been in operation for a long time, please check the following steps before using it again

1. Before turning on the power, check whether the equipment voltage meets the operating requirements.

2. Separate power lines and special sockets should be arranged for the high and low temperature test chambers, and the same sockets cannot be used with other test chambers, otherwise it will cause undesirable accidents.

3. Install the grounding device, and then power on the test box after the above conditions are met.

  • If there is any abnormal noise after the startup of the high and low temperature test chamber after long-term shutdown, please do not handle it yourself, contact a professional engineer to deal with it, to prevent users from being subject to safety hazards.

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