• Rain Spraying Testing Machine
  • Rain Spraying Testing Machine
  • Rain Spraying Testing Machine
  • Rain Spraying Testing Machine
  • Rain Spraying Testing Machine
Rain Spraying Testing Machine
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Huanrui is a professional manufacturer of simulated environmental testing equipment integrating R&D, design, production and sales.Rain Spraying Testing Chamber is the main advantage products of Huanrui.
The testing equipments of Huanrui are exported to more than 20 countries abroad.In 2018, Huanrui established a service office in Vietnam to provide better services to customers in Southeast Asia.

Rain spraying testing machine

Rain spraying testing machine is suitable for the testing of external lighting and signaling devices and automotive lamps. Rain spraying testing machine can provide a realistic simulation of the environment such as water and spray that electronic products and their components may be exposed to during transportation and use. In order to achieve the detection of water resistance of various products.

Rain spraying testing machine

Feature of Rain spraying testing machine

  • The casing material is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, and the inner material is made of stainless steel.

  • Large-area visible glass door for easy observation of the test sample in the test chamber.

  • Using the world famous brand inverter to control the speed, effectively ensure that the test meets the standard operation.

  • The bottom of the test box is made of high-quality fixed PU movable wheel, which is convenient for users to move.

  • 270 degree swing tube and 360 degree rotary rod water spray device.

  • Adjustable speed sample stage.

Reference model




Inner Size(cm)
(W x D x H)



Outer Size(cm)

(W x D x H)








Diameter of spray hole

Ø 0.4mm

Distance between nozzles


Number of injectors


Spray ring radius


Diameter of nozzle tube


Rotation nozzle

0 ° 180 °

Speed of rotation

0 20 times

Required supply water pressure

80Kpa - 100 Kpa

Material of spray pipe

SUS 304

Water temperature


Control mode

Set parameters on the digital display

View window

Made of tempered glass (310 × 420mm) and with LED lights

Control system

Equipped water protection

CE certificate
CE certificate
Quality Management System Certificate
Quality Management System Certificate
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